Lunch Menu

21M. Grilled beef with lime juice, onions & Thai Chili $11.50
24M. Tiger prawns with red curry paste & coconut rice $12.50
G17M. Tiger prawns with red curry paste & coconut rice
(served in Fresh Young Coconut)
G18M. Chicken with peanut sauce & coconut rice $11.50
39M. Phat Thai noodle with shrimp & ground peanuts $10.50
42M. Stir-fried rice noodle with beef, basil & onions $10.50
49M. Pineapple chicken fried rice with peanuts & raisins $12.50
53M. Chili pepper fried rice with chicken & garlic $10.50


25L. Yellow curry chicken with pineapple & coconut milk
26L. Green curry chicken with eggplant & coconut milk
29L. Chicken with snow peas in Wild Bangkok Delight Sauce
G9L. Chicken with cashew nuts in Thai Chili sauce
35L Chicken with snow peas in Thai Black Bean sauce
36L. Sweet & sour chicken with pineapple & tomatoes


24L. Red curry pork with bamboo shoots & coconut milk
31L. Pork with chili paste, onions & fresh mushrooms
37L. Pork with spinach, garlic & white pepper


34L. Beef with fresh mushrooms, onions & ginger
G12L. Beef with green beans in home-made spicy sauce
27L. Pha Naeug thick curry with beef & coconut milk
* Vegetarian option available for all specials.
All specials come with coconut rice, daily soup, vegetarian spring roll or house salad.